Advocates support House Bill 4987 to Address rising costs from AAP

Patient Advocacy Groups are calling on South Carolina Legislators to support bipartisan legislation to address rising out-of-pocket costs from an emerging insurance practice called “Accumulator Adjustment Programs (AAP).” This legislation will help patients better access their medicine and stay adherent. Unfortunately, health insurers and PBMs have adopted polices, often referred to as “accumulator adjustment programs” that block assistance towards a patient’s deductible and maximum out-of- pocket limits. AAPs further shift cost to patients, putting patients at risk of not being able to afford their medicines. South Carolinians need health insurers to count ALL payments and not discriminate against those patients living with chronic conditions.

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The National Hemophilia Foundation defines bleeding disorders as a group of disorders that share the inability to form a proper blood clot. They are characterized by extended bleeding after injury, surgery, trauma or menstruation.

We have many programs, educational opportunities, and events to help individuals and their families connect to the South Carolina bleeding disorders community. BDASC also provides networking and support services.

Advocacy is a key component of our mission at BDASC. It is also important to those affected by bleeding disorders in assuring health care needs are being met especially when living with a rare and chronic, lifelong disorder.

The Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina (BDASC) welcomes you to register with our non-profit organization allowing us to keep you informed while providing programs and services to you and your family. Become a member today and join our community focused and patient driven organization.


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The News Infusion

Published quarterly by Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina as an informational service for its members, friends, and affiliations of South Carolina’s bleeding disorder community. The News Infusion provides communication connections, education, and advocacy awareness. READ >>

Upcoming Community Connections 
October 21 – 23
Family Advocacy Summit

This year’s annual recreational and educational family camp is being held in Charleston, SC, and is going to be centered around addressing South Carolina’s bleeding disorders health equity, inclusion, and diversity (HEDI), all wrapped within a three day summit. 

August 20 – October 8
Inspiring Shots Golf Clinic 

Join the community for year 2 of our partnership program with the Wingmen Foundation, enhancing your golf skills, or helping you to learn the game of golf, with our private group lessons for the community. Click the link and learn how you can join us for this fun community event. Register here today!

Fundraisers and Support Groups
 October 7
 Par for the Clot     Charity Golf     Fundraiser

 We invite you to join us for our 8th   Annual Fundraiser benefiting   individuals and their family’s   affected by bleeding disorders. The   Par for the Clot is one of the best   golf tournaments in the upstate!   Learn more and register to join us! 

Upcoming Virtual Events & Meetings
Par For The Clot Monthly T-Off Committee Meeting
October 4th, 7:00pm

The Par For The Clot will be held on October 7th! Join the T-Off committee and learn how you can be involved. Meetings are held virtually and in person in our office! Contact the Chapter today to find out how you can be involved! 

Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion  (HEDI)  Committee Meeting
October  11th, 7:00pm

The newly formed HEDI working group of BDASC will meet virtually and in our office for our first gathering of the voices in health equity of BDASC! Learn more and register to join us. Everyone is invited to the table! 

Next Meeting Coming Soon!


Next Event Coming Soon!

How can we help?

BDASC, formerly Hemophilia of South Carolina, was founded in 1973 by a group of parents interested in promoting awareness, providing group support, and assisting other national hemophilia organizations. The organization for 42 years existed as all-volunteer; providing programs and education, support, and advocacy for access to care at the state’s capitol. Today, BDASC serves all 46 counties in the state, currently providing education and support services to over 1000 individual members and their families now in 39 counties. BDASC provides the most current information and education in topics related to bleeding disorders, treatment therapies, insurance, and advocacy. BDASC relies on a strong volunteer base of it’s board of directors and members. Without our volunteers, we could not serve our mission.


We Care About Your Mental Health!

Mental health care matters. It is important to maintain our mental health as well as we maintain our physical health. Learn about some resources and tools from National Bleeding Disorder Organizations, National Mental Health Organizations, as well as some South Carolina focused groups to help support your mental well-being.

We Support advancing Research For revolutionizing treatments and health care 

We rely on the Support from our community

There are many ways you can make in a difference in the lives of those affected by bleeding disorders. 

volunteers are our lifeline to the future

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The opening session of the Inaugural 2021 Bleeding Disorders Medical Conference, April 23-24, 2021 provided a quick overview of Hemophilia of South Carolina, now known as Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina, who they are, what they do, the advocacy work within the organization, and the impact of living with a bleeding disorder.