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                      BDASC Academic Scholarship Program
BDASC Academic Scholarship Program

DEADLINE DATE: Postmarked by April 26, 2024

The Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina sets aside funds generated by fundraisers each year to provide financial support for college scholarships. To be considered for a BDASC Scholarship, an applicant must meet the following criteria:1. Must be a resident of South Carolina; 2. Must be enrolled or accepted at an accredited educational institution, to include accredited colleges, universities, and technical and vocational schools; 3. Must have a diagnosis of a bleeding disorder; or be a dependent child of a person with a bleeding disorder;  be a sibling of a person with a bleeding disorder; be a parent of a dependent child with a bleeding disorder; or be a spouse of someone with a bleeding disorder.

Applications must be completed and received before the deadline dates. The Chapter will determine each year how many scholarships to award depending on funds received within each year and the number of qualified applications received. In addition, three special scholarships will be awarded each year described below.Post

John Henry Tiller Memorial Scholarship

John Henry Tiller, March 16, 1962- May 31, 2022

The John Henry Tiller Memorial Scholarship was enacted in 2023 upon his passing. John’s history with the chapter dates to its inception as he and his wife Dana have been very devoted to the organization’s mission and its members. John served many years ago as legal counsel to the Chapter. Upon his passing, John bequeathed funds to the organization providing continued support to the South Carolina Community. We are thankful for John and Dana’s devotion to Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina and honor his memory and commitment with this memorial scholarship. John was a pre-eminent trial attorney and mediator, and was held in the highest regards by his clients, the judiciary, and other layers, both plaintiff and defense. He was named “South Carolina Litigator of the Year” in 2012 and received numerous other prestigious awards throughout his career. John was an enthusiastic outdoors man who loved spending time playing golf, boating, fishing, and hunting with friends. John is survived by his loving wife of thirty- three years, Dana and numerous godchildren, nephews, nieces, and cousins, all who gave him great joy.

2024 Award Recipient: Makayla Keith

Hometown: Irmo, SC

Graduated: 2023

Institution: Sophomore, University of South Carolina, Upstate

Major or intended field of study: Nursing

Essay Quote:

“When asked how my life has been influenced by my dad having a bleeding disorder, a couple situations come to mind. The annual meetings with our chapter, state and national advocacy days, the summers spent learning more and more about this specific community of people who have this one thing in common.  Not everything was peachy as some people would say.  There were many scares that still, to this day, have affected my family and I.  Overall, it’s taught me a lot about community as well as health education.”

Alba Myers Lewis Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Alba Myers Lewis of Orangeburg was a retired educator, and mother to son, Alexander “Mickey” Carrion Lewis, Jr. who was born with hemophilia. After graduating first in her class with a B.S. degree in education from S.C. State in 1946, she went on to receive the M.S. degree in education in 1952. As an undergraduate student, she reigned as both May Queen and Miss South Carolina State College. In 1968, Dr. Lewis earned the Doctorate of Education from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, during an era when this was achieved by very few African American women. Throughout her academic career she specialized in Curriculum Development, Administration, Supervision, Higher Education, Elementary Education and Sociology. She did additional study at Claflin University, New York University, the University of Northern Iowa, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and the University of North Carolina. She was certified in the state of South Carolina at all educational levels: elementary school teaching, supervision and administration, and social studies. Dr. Lewis served as a supervising teacher at her beloved Felton Laboratory School 1950-1964. She then became the Associate Supervisor of Directed Teaching at S.C. State from 1968 until 1970, at which time she returned to Felton as its director, serving in that capacity from 1970 until 1971. For the next eight years she was chairperson and professor in the Department of Education, retiring in 1979. She proudly accepted an appointment by then-Governor Richard Riley to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education in 1980 and served until 1988. In 1965, she served on the Governor’s Task Force on Education. Upon her passing, in her will she named Hemophilia of South Carolina as a beneficiary. In her honor, and with love for education, the Chapter has named the Alba Myers Lewis Scholarship in appreciation for her memorial gift.


2024 Award Recipient: Aiden Budde

Hometown: Goose Creek, SC

Graduated: 2024

Institution: Freshman, University of Southern Carolina

Major or intended field of study: Aerospace Engineering

Essay Quote:

“The impact of DGSPD extends far beyond the physical challenges it presents; it has also had a profound emotional and psychological impact on both myself and my family.  I inherited the disorder and so did my sister, so it’s also been there: a constant weight on the family.  The vigilance required to prevent and manage bleeding episodes, the fear of injury and the uncertainty of what each day may bring has all contributed to heightened sense of anxiety and apprehension.  Yet, amidst the challenges, my family has remained a pillar of strength, and support, providing unwavering encouragement, advocacy and love.”

2024 Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina
Academic Scholarship Recipients
2024 Award Recipient: Ava Newhart

Hometown: Awendaw, SC

Graduated: 2023

Institution: Sophomore, Tri-County Tech

Major or intended field of study: Political Science

Essay Quote:

“With this scholarship, I know that I can take the time to do all the good deeds for society and continue to shape my future educating those who are unaware about hemophilia and its effects through my career.  The potential of the scholarship is tremendous to me, because I see how research has been able to change my father’s life and others.”

2024 Award Recipient: Regan Weber

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Graduated: 2023

Institution: Sophomore, Clemson University

Major or intended field of study: Modern Language Education, emphasis in French

Essay Quote:

“Hemophilia has also given me so many connections that I would never have had before.  I have connected with so many people because they know about hemophilia or a relative who has it.  I have a friend from high school, and one of the significant connections we had early on was that her dad has hemophilia.  Hearing about the different treatments for hemophilia and how they impact our lives differently is fascinating.”