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“The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina relies greatly on its volunteers who are the strength of our success. For over 51 years, the organization had been primarily sustained by its strong community of members and volunteers. BDASC is grateful to the years of devotion and dedicated services of its volunteer board members, community members, and individuals from many different walks of life who generously devoted their time, energy, and talents to BDASC. It is through the tireless efforts of its volunteers that the Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina has served its members throughout the years in education, support, programming, and advocacy. 

“The Fisher Award” – BDASC’s Volunteer of the Year Award

Named after the retirement of 40 years of service to the organization provided by the Chapter’s founding fathers, Vic and Roberta Fisher.

The Fisher Award – 2024 Volunteer of the Year – Patricia Tucker

The Fisher Award is given out each year to recognize the accomplishments and volunteer attributes of the recipients of the award. Their name is etched in a plaque that hangs in the Chapter’s office proudly displayed for all to admire.

If you would like to volunteer and are not sure what you can do, what is needed, or how exactly your talents, available time, and interest can assist, give the Chapter a call. We will be happy to help find a home for your volunteering assistance. The South Carolina bleeding disorder community has enjoyed the tireless efforts throughout the years from its members believing in the mission and cause for which the organization exists.

There are many ways you can help in support of our fundraiser, services, education, and outreach. If you would like to serve on our board, please download a board member application on the Board of Director’s page on our website.

BDASC’s Fisher Award ~ Volunteer of the Year
  • 2024 – Patricia Tucker – Many Years of Services, Board Member and Volunteer
  • 2023 – Joyce Wentzky – Children’s Blanket of Love
  • 2022 – Matthew Tucker – Outreach and Children’s Fun Activities
  • 2021 –  Edna Rabb – “Spotlight Virtual Technology”, Chapter Participation
  • 2020 – Shannon Cearley –  Fundraising Walk Chair, Advocacy
  • 2019 – Dillon and Justin Snead – Walk Volunteers
  • 2018 – Laura Benton – Photography, Events and Fundraisers
  • 2017 – Martha Breitwieser – Fundraising, Advocacy and Events
  • 2016 – Ric Martin – 20 Years of Volunteer Services to Chapters
  • 2015 – Caroline Rogers – Catchy Colours Photography
  • 2014 – Jennifer Ashley Spigner – Childcare Support Services
  • 2013 – Carrie Cureton Stringer – Newsletter Editor
  • 2012 – Victor Fisher and Roberta Fisher – 40 Years of Board Service

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering for Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina, please contact Sue Martin, Executive Director at or 864-350-9941. Thank you!