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Regional Outreach: Community Engagement & Connections
On The Road with Community Engagements

Bringing Educational Community Connections Opportunities to You!

With community members in 45 of the state’s 46 counties throughout the state, our efforts to support our community requires us to travel outside our home office location to best meet the needs of our members. When we take our education and support services on the road, we reach our community in their home towns which helps to ease travel times and distance for community activities. Our community members enjoy having dinner together while connecting with others and receiving education on living with bleeding disorders. These community engagements help to provide additional support and opportunities for attendees to network and make long-lasting connections.

We enjoy meeting our members in their hometowns and try our best to secure locations that serve as a center point for large participation. In 2023,  we provided our community with 16 educational dinner programs in many cities across the state. Dates, locations, and educational topics and gathering opportunities are scheduled throughout the year.

Log in often to see what we have planned! To request an educational topic or supportive location, please feel free to contact us. Registration is required for attending. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

2024 Community Engagement & Connections Dinners






  • 26th – Branded Dinner Presentation in partnership with Sanofi (Columba)



  • 1st – Community Engagement and Connections Dinner in partnership with Sparks (Columbia)
            The Voices of “46” Community Outreach Program
The Voices of 46!

We are excited to bring the”Voices of 46″, a community Health Equity Program to our rural areas in the state where community members live with bleeding disorders. We will discover the barriers in accessing quality healthcare services and treatment in our more rural areas and learn what challenges our community has within South Carolina. We will graft and record these barriers within zip codes in counties that are underserved and share our results with our healthcare providers, state agencies, and HTCs. We look forward to visiting with our members and families throughout 2024.

Continue to engage as we begin to implement this new HEDI program.

Take our Survey this year and make your voice heard in helping to promote improvements in access to healthcare treatment and services for those in South Carolina living with Bleeding Disorders. Let us know when you take the survey and we will send you our “Voices of 46” Sticker!

Thank you for making your voice MATTER!

                                             Join us in Abbeville on June 14th!
With Appreciation to our Program Sponsor!