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Our fundraisers are vital to our organization, allowing us to raise the necessary funds to support our operations, programs, and support services. We are so grateful to all our partners in giving, our families and friends, and our volunteers. The proceeds raised from our fundraisers help us to continue to provide education and support to our over 500 families throughout South Carolina. Proceeds allow us to fund our advocacy initiatives protecting access to care and quality treatment and many supportive services including; national education and college scholarships, compassionate care and financial assistance requests, funding for research, national support initiatives, and educational camps for families, kids, and teens. As South Carolina’s leading resource for children and families affected by bleeding disorders, we maintain close relationships with our community, providing them the opportunity to network with other families experiencing the same situations, seeking guidance and emotional support for an often anxiety-ridden and frightening diagnosis. We support our families from their initial diagnosis and throughout their lifetime. We serve the entire state of South Carolina,have members in all 46 counties,  and are a tight-knit community family.