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YES Program: Young Families Empowerment and Support
Saturday, September 17, 2022
10:00am – 2:00pm
The Children’s Museum of the Upstate – Greenville

300 College St.
Greenville, SC 29601


Registration is required. RSVP online or to

Deadline date: September 9, 2022

We hope to have you join us! 

Support Group Event

Please join BDASC and our younger families for a day out at the Greenville Children’s Museum! Let’s have lunch and share experiences having younger kids or being a newly diagnosed family affected by a bleeding disorder. As we return to school or think about school in the future. share your experiences with the group and learn about setting educational expectations and goals for your children with bleeding disorders. 

Setting Educational Expectations

Explore the world of education for a child with a bleeding disorder, the impact of setting expectations at home, and steps you can take to form a proactive relationship with your child’s school.

Sponsored by Sanofi Genzyme

Newly Diagnosed / Young Families’ Support Group
Intended for families with children 12 and younger
So… What Does YES Stand For

The YES Program helps newly diagnosed families connect to other members with younger children within the community who are confronted with some of the same situations learning the ins and outs of navigating life with a bleeding disorder. The program provides educational speakers, supportive services, and is always fun and informative set in a relaxing and inviting venue.

Share YOUR knowledge with others and learn from members how they have adjusted to life with a bleeding disorder in the family. Meet community members and make lasting relationships. Enjoy our events of fun and networking with your community. 

Resources for Parents

The Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina’s Young Families Empowerment and Support (YES) Program exists to provide a “Can Do” program and support group for families and their children ages 0-12 years who are affected by bleeding disorders. Often, parents may be told what their children can’t and will not be able to do many things. Our message is YES they can and will; with proper support, empowerment, education, advocacy, treatment, and access to care, families with young children with bleeding disorders can achieve positive outcomes and lives, lived to the fullest. Often too, parents naturally tell their children with bleeding disorders “no” for their health and safety. Our goal is to help families learn to manage their children’s bleeding disorders so it doesn’t define them. A peer support will begin to develop as parents share their wisdom and knowledge with other parents and provide strength and hope as they share experiences.