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Men’s Support Group
Mentoring. Empowerment. Networking. Support.
Men’s Program

This support program is intended for men over the age of 18yrs living with bleeding disorders within their lives:  fathers, brothers, and sons, as well as the fathers, brothers, and sons of women and girls affected by bleeding disorders.

The mission of the men’s program is to provide support, empowerment, networking opportunities, and a space to share the knowledge and experiences living with or being a male relative of someone with a bleeding disorder.

  • The program helps to provide mentoring and education to young adults and new fathers so they will feel empowered to tackle challenges that they will face as they grow into adulthood or raise a child with a bleeding disorder.
  • The program also supports older adult men with bleeding disorders and provides them an opportunity to share their wisdom, knowledge, and experiences with young members of the community and allows them to connect with other men with bleeding disorders.
  • The program helps educate all individuals in advocacy issues that participants may need to be informed of, learn about and/or consider while living with a bleeding disorder. The goal is to provide the opportunity to build a strong team of men and boys of all ages, becoming an empowered advocacy voice, for themselves, the community, and the Chapter.
  • The program will provide a gateway to networking with others of similar situations, ages, and bleeding disorders. The goal will be to provide opportunities to build long lasting relationships within the South Carolina community and beyond.
  • The program will strive to organize and host meetings (in-person and virtual), outings, events, and meals in a relaxed setting to allow conversation to flow freely.
  • And most importantly this program will help address and work towards improving not only its members health outcomes but their quality of life as well. From finding solutions to routine but complicated tasks to addressing larger problems with a permanent fix.

We encourage all men in the South Carolina bleeding disorders community to become involved and see how you can benefit from connectivity.

Virtual Meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of the month when scheduled and available!

Join the men within the community of South Carolina, and beyond our borders, for our virtual Men’s Program conversation hour.  Our 2023 programming will be topic specific with a time for Q and A. 
Any questions should be directed to Sue Martin at 864-350-9941. We hope you will join us!
Virtual & Live Meeting Dates & Topics

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